Friday, March 26, 2010

Chosing A Home Health Care Company

Choosing the right Home Health Care Company for yourself or a loved one is an important and often difficult decision. Whether you need care while recovering from surgery, have an ongoing health need that requires you seek assistance or need temporary relief from caregiving finding the right company is paramount.

Home care agencies can be locally owned or franchises. Neither is intrinsically better. It depends on who owns and runs the agency and the persons ability to screen, hire and assign the staff appropriately as well as what is acceptable to the owner.

Recruiting quality individuals is the hardest and most important decision a company can make. When an agency has an immediate need for a caregiver and does not have the right person available the company must decide to accept the responsibility of providing services or not. No company wants to turn down a client. At this point if the company does not have the right provider the office staff should be qualified to start the care and continue till the right caregiver is available. This is an issue that should never be compromised. If a new employee is hired to care for a client the agency does not have history to know the caregiver as well as they would like. A criminal history, personal and professional background checks, stable work history and in depth interview usually is sufficient to make a good decision. With time the agency with input from the client and family may need to replace a caregiver to find the best match for your loved one.


  1. Thanks for the information. That is one of the hardest decisions to make.

    1. I think also this is one of the hardest decision to make, choosing the home health care provider.

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