Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diabetes and Chronic Sinus Problems and Headaches

Diabetes and Chronic Sinus Problems and Headaches

Diabetes is a disease that effects many in our society including the elderly. If you have diabetes and chronic headaches and sinus problems you might want to have a culture of your nose to check for fungus. If fungus is present a compounded mixture of an anti fungal, antibiotic and steroid that is used as a nasal rinse might improve control of your sugar.

Infections can cause chronic high blood sugars when not treated. An ENT physician can do the culture at his/her office.

In one incident at day nine of using the prescription nasal rinse the individuals blood sugar dropped dramatically. The infection had probably been present for years and the persons HA1C dropped .5 percent in three months with the only change being the use of the nasal rinse. In this case there was no visual signs of a fungus infection on exam but was ordered after the individual requested it. It is worth checking out.

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